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Yesterday morning as we pulled into the property of the Aliento de Vida Bosques (Breath of Life Woodlands) Campus to help with the set up for Sunday morning service, we noticed Hugo, a man from the church who faithfully sets up the sound system on many Sunday mornings standing by the large storage container looking very distraught.   He had arrived a few minutes earlier to begin setting up and as he opened the storage container, he realized that the church had been robbed.  He was shocked.  A few minutes later, our team leaders Alliance International Workers, Bob and Cheryl Fugate arrived.  As we walked through the large storage container our hearts were heavy as we looked around and saw empty shelves and spaces where the sound equipment, tools, the large TV used for projecting the messages and music, computer equipment, gas tanks and other items had been all stored so nicely in order last Sunday when we left.  Even the bag with the items for our COVID protocols (thermometer, sanitizing gel, extra masks) was taken.   The absence of many very important items was compounded by the disorder and mess everywhere we looked.  There were boxes and storage buckets overturned, broken items, offering envelopes and even children’s toys scattered in many different directions.  One of the items that was very noticeable not taken nor damaged in any way was the box of Bibles. 
People began arriving to help with the normal Sunday set up, but this was definitely not a normal Sunday.  They quickly learned of what happened.  Though shocked and saddened, it was Sunday morning and even a robbery would not stop the worship of the Lord and the preaching of His word!  Everyone pitched in together.  The focus was on getting ready to worship the Lord together.  The chairs had not been taken so we were able to set up the tent for service.  Bob went home and got a small amplifier.  The worship leader reminded us of the words of the songs (which couldn’t be projected) and we sang and worshiped the Lord together.  Bob gave a message titled “God’s Provision.”  (Quite an interesting theme for the day!) It definitely wasn’t the Sunday any of us had planned but we know God was there in a real way. It was a wonderful service and God’s presence was so real.  God is good – ALL the time!
Your prayers and partnership are really needed here in Guadalajara in these days.  Please pray with us.
  • Pray for peace and protection.   Pray for peace for the Aliento de Vida Family.  A robbery is a very unnerving event.  Pray for protection for the property and the possessions of the church.
  • Pray for the people involved in the robbery.  Jesus taught us to pray for those who hurt us.  Please join us in praying for the salvation of those who were involved in this robbery.  Pray that they would truly know Jesus and His love.
  • Pray for provision.   As the material losses are beginning to be counted, it looks like several thousands of dollars’ worth of sound equipment, TV, computer, tablet, tools, and other things were lost and need to be replaced. The church also will need to be doing repair work on broken locks and doors as well as adding fences and security.  But we know God is our provider. 
If the Lord would lead you to help financially with these new needs, donations could be made to the Alliance to Project SouthPointe / Church planting
God has a plan for Aliento de Vida (Breath of Life) Church, and you are a part of that marvelous plan.  The spiritual needs around us are so great and we know that Jesus is the answer to those needs.   The Vision 5-5–25 to plant 5 campus in Guadalajara and 5 in the surrounding states is a God size vision and together we have been called to be a part of that vision. A robbery can be discouraging but we know that God is greater than any adversity and He is building His church.   We are excited to see what He has planned for the future.  Thank you so much for standing with us even in the challenges!
Together Called to Take All of Jesus to All of the World, 
        Zac and Julie Stutler
 aXcess International Workers